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15 Secrets You Should Know In Your 20s

  1. It takes a little bit of effort and time and networking and knowing the right kinds of people, but it is possible to teleport.
  2. Hair and clouds are actually the same thing.
  3. Snow will melt if you look at it long enough. No, really. You just aren’t looking at it long enough. Look longer. Longer.
  4. You need at least three hats and two of them should be bonnets.
  5. Just in case someone asks, know at least five prime numbers off the top of your head (I recommend 2, 3, 17, 53, and 139). 
  6. Eat foods that are different colors. Like eggplants and/or Starbursts.
  7. If you’ve stopped looking wistfully at the snow, that’s why it’s not melting. Don’t make me say it again.
  8. No one actually needs to “do what they love” to “be happy” because there is gold buried just about everywhere in the world. 
  9. Things that are optional: collars, dreams, yodeling, bowling.
  10. Things that are mandatory: sharks, sidewalks, dryer sheets, Belgium.
  11. If you leave fruit out long enough, it will turn into plastic fruit which is actually way classier and makes your house look cool like you’re a person who just buys fake fruit to impress strangers.
  12. The way cars work is magic. The reason your car didn’t start is because of magic. Once you accept this, it just becomes easier to be a person.
  13. Get 8 hours of sleep each night.
  14. There is no problem in the universe that cannot be fixed with 400,000 dollars, a pair of sunglasses, and leaning up against a building kinda like a cool kid.
  15. Go back to looking at the snow.

(Source: itsfrantastic)