Farscape Sorting Hat, part one 

Gryffindor: As a trained warrior, Aeryn begins her story very brave when it comes to placing her life in danger. As the story progresses, Aeryn develops another kind of courage entirely—first in opening up her heart to John and everyone aboard Moya, and then by continuing to place her heart on the line after losing so many of them.

Hufflepuff: Moya is perhaps the most selfless, loyal person in the entire series. When Moya loves someone, she will always find her way back to them and give them a safe home. No matter what the cost to her.

Ravenclaw: I like to think of John’s story as a Ravenclaw being shoved into the role of a Gryffindor by the Universe and doing the best he can to make it through. John is the Trekkie suddenly asked to be Captain Kirk and being found wanting—but he gets by on his wits and genre savviness.

Slytherin: Chiana grew up doing whatever she needed to survive, kissing, kicking, and crying her way out of every scrap she found herself in. As her friends aboard Moya slowly earned her trust, Chiana learned to use her cunning (and moral ambiguity) to help the people she loved.